Funding for PA Conservation, Outdoor Recreation & Farmland Preservation in Jeopardy Once Again!


With negotiations still going on in Harrisburg about a Fiscal Code bill to pay for the state budget approved earlier this month, there are new efforts underway this weekend to divert funding away from three major dedicated conservation funds that are critical to the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people and communities across Pennsylvania – the Environmental Stewardship Fund, the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund, and the Farmland Preservation Fund.

These special funds help support everything from greenways, trails, community parks, water cleanup, and wildlife habitat protection to historic sites, libraries, and farmland conservation easements. It’s possible that up to $100 million could be diverted from these programs!

It is important that our state House and Senate members know that even in tough budget times these special, dedicated funds must be protected. We encourage our friends to contact your representatives today and ask them to leave these funds intact and not divert them to make up for other budget shortfalls.  Please use this link to find your legislators and contact them today:

Thank you!

Susquehanna Heritage