America’s 55th National Heritage Area

Susquehanna National Heritage Area works diligently to promote community development, environmental education and advocacy, conservation, and preservation because we believe history and the great outdoors can be enriching and transformative.

Though our many educational programs and initiatives we strive in our mission to connect people to the magnificent cultural and natural resource that is the Susquehanna River.

Staff and volunteers at Susquehanna National Heritage Area dedicated time, talent, and resources to protect, enhance, and share the stories of the Susquehanna River as it flows through our region.

Your gift through Give Local York will enhance our efforts to protect, promote and share the resources and stories of the River.

In 2019 Susquehanna National Heritage Area:

Welcomed 28,641 visitors to our two riverfront centers

Provided 118 River Discovery Boat Tours free to over 1,000 people

Enabled 629 students to participate in Canoemobile Field Trips

Shared 71 educational programs for all ages, pre-school to adults.

Made possible 575 local students to field trips and be sworn in as National Park Service Jr. Rangers.

Our goals for 2020 are to increase all the above! You can help us do so.

Thank you for your support.