Columbia River Park Advisory Committee (CRPAC) has been working to expand River Park beyond the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge. A Master Site Plan for the 10-acre area was created over the course of an 11-month time period and utilized extensive and on-going public engagement throughout the process. In total, more than 1,200 persons participated in the effort. The most popular ideas for historic, cultural, environmental and entertainment features included bridge pier restoration, canal restoration, live outdoor music/performance programming, picnicking, stream restoration and native plant gardens. The final design is visionary riverfront development plan that showcases the convergence of people and nature over thousands of years in a memorable and daring design.

Although this visionary design will take years to complete, the CRPAC is seeking inexpensive and unique ways to make the area more user friendly. Cutting the trail paths created in the design and removing all the invasive species from the forested areas would be a great start. The Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps is a crew that can quickly and professionally complete this project. They have a Public Partnership Program that provides municipalities and other non-profits the opportunity to partner with the Corps to undertake recreation and conservation projects on non-DCNR public lands on a cost share basis.

CRPAC is seeking $3,000 in cost-share needed to pay PA Outdoor Corps to complete this project. Part of the project has been funded by the Columbia Park Rangers as well as Mountz and Kreiser and the Foresters of America. We are so grateful for their support but need your help to make it to $3,000 total.


  • Improve trail paths highlighted in red
    • 10’ – 12’ wide on the primary loop and 6’ – 8’ wide on the auxiliary loops
    • Level the trail surface, add trail surface material
  • Remove invasive species from forest area between PA 462 Bridge & Lock Wall Area

We hope you will consider donating to this small but important project!