SNHA Haunted Heritage Guide

With Albatwitch Day and Halloween right around the corner, SNHA has put together a new map of our favorite haunted places, legends, and strange histories. Using local resources like authors Rick Fisher and Scott Butcher, the map pinpoints strange happenings, creature sightings, and wild tragedies. This map is just in time for spooky season and is perfect for those who want to learn more about things that go bump in the night in the Susquehanna National Heritage AreaThe descriptions and stories are chilling, involving terrifying creatures, and tales of the supernatural and paranormal experiences, combining both the familiar and the bizarre

Paranormal Experiences

Use the map to explore all the Orange Pinpoints for information on local haunted sites. From cold spots to random spirits crying, there’s no shortage of haunted spots in these old river towns. Don’t miss these haunted spots on the map: Haldeman Mansion, Shenk’s Ferry Tunnel, and the Shock’s Graveyard.

Folklore & Legends

Have you heard any local legends? They often evoke strong emotional reactions such as horror, shock, revulsion and humor.  The retelling of legends over time ensures that they become part of public record and explains why they are so well known. The strange thing is that notoriety and disproof do not prevent legends from resurfacing generation after generation. Enjoy some of our favorite local legends indicated by the Black Pinpoints on the map. Be sure to read up on the Albatwitch and Lover’s Leap Legend. 

Tragedies & Odd History

Looking for just the facts? Check out all the Purple Pinpoints on the map for some strange but true stories from the river region. Learn about Marietta’s Gilliland Laboratories and Brownie, the horse that provided enough blood for 1 million tetanus vaccines. If you prefer a good true crime story, check out the Hex Hollow Murders and their connection to the Marietta Witch. Don’t forget to check out the tragedies like the Chickies trolley accident that killed six people or  the Columbia opera house fire of 1947.

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